No one really ever chooses to be creative.  It's usually something that comes upon one like an early onset illness.  Once this infection takes hold, there's usually not much hope for those afflicted.  They'll spend their lives digging into the existential morass of their preoccupations and obsessions, looking hopelessly for some kind of resolution or reason for being.  Most will end up spending their entire lives in obscurity, convinced that they are on the verge of some profound expression while the rest of the world spins obliviously on, unaware of these human moles digging beneath their feet.  

Most of the products of these victims of the creative urge end up lost in the dust of the ages - crumpled in corners and crumbling in basements and land fills.  Every so often, one of these expressive protagonists manages to find a way to preserve some of their work for a time.  In a few very rare cases, that preservation is just enough to give these works a chance to catch the attention of the occasional wanderer who might stumble by.  

If you are such a wanderer, we hope you'll take a moment to pick through the debris and perhaps take a thing or two to heart.

All materials were created, manipulated, pillaged or plundered by Stephen Ugo Rosin unless otherwise noted.  This site contains material of a mature nature and is not recommended for individuals under the age of consent.  If you are a commercial concern or producer, you may license these materials for use upon the negotiation of appropriate compensation.  This includes labels who may wish to release records or CDs and film or video producers looking for soundtrack elements.  Simply use the email contact provided to initiate discussions..  

Last update:  05.05.2015

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