For email, write to:  blood_n_tongue@shaw.ca

You can also find Mr. Fist and Blood 'n' Tongue on these fine internet services.


Blood 'n' Tongue is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

As artists, we cast our works, like messages in bottles, upon the waters and never know where the tides and currents will end up taking them.  Frequently they end up washing out to sea where they are never heard from again, but occasionally, they wash up upon some other shore and someone looks them over and finds some meaning and value in them.   They read the message and it touches them in an inexplicable way.   We may not get our validation when we were hoping for it or expecting it, but it might just come along when it can do the most good.  The point is that we leave our marks on this world in ways we don’t always perceive, but those marks are there nonetheless and, ultimately, the effort was worth it.
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