Today, the new Blood 'n' Tongue website officially goes live.  Please do let me know if you have any problems or find anything amiss.   There is still some work to be done.  While all solo Mr. Fist titles from 2000 to present are available, older titles and collaborative projects have not yet been set up.  These will be the focus of work over the next couple of weeks. If you find a title unavailable, please check back later and it should be up.  The billing structure for BandCamp listed titles has also been changed to launch a new "pay what you like" standard.  If you're a personal friend, please feel free to download any title for free.  If you are otherwise, you are encouraged to pay according to your means and the value you feel you gain from the artifact.  Remember, it costs to create and all proceeds from these sales go directly to fund the producer(s) of these works.