You saw it fit to lash out at me in a most vindictive manner.  You were in some way compelled to attack me in a way calculated to be personal and malicious.  I intend to dissect your attack point by point.  Let’s begin by trying to get to the root of your complaint.

If I understand correctly, you are upset by my making certain products available to the general public with your name associated without your consent or approval, those products being certain audio recordings created some 30 years ago at a time when we were both learning our craft.  Firstly, to address this, I will make clear our roles in those products.  I was the primary producer of those works and you were a secondary contributor to them.  I was responsible for the bulk of the production process and you contributed additional sounds and effects.  It was, in essence, a “student/teacher” relationship where my few years of seniority were of benefit to you as example in your earliest efforts in this field. You have openly acknowledged this relationship more than once. 

As the principal producer of these products, I reserve the right to make them available in any manner I choose.  To this end, I had them available online for streaming and downloading and, at most, only ever set them as “pay what you want” with the ability to download for free.  This was never about making money from them (and believe me, they never made a dime).  This was only ever about documenting a point in my creative history, something I have every right to do, with or without your consent, and you were given credit as you were due with no intent to exploit or misrepresent.  My representation of these works was entirely fair and honest.  I never promoted them, I simply made them available to anyone who dug deep enough to find them.

Given my intent was never malicious or exploitive, I have to question why it is that you are so concerned about your name being associated with these works.  In your correspondence, you referred to them as “crap”.  You don’t want this “crap” associated with your name.  That’s a rather strong sentiment.  I never claimed any genius within these works.  I only ever represented them as experiments with tongue firmly in cheek.  They are early works, naive and primitive to be sure, but “crap”?  I’ve heard many publicly available early recordings by artists that are far more rudimentary than anything we produced and I can’t imagine anything in them that is so egregious as to justify such embarrassment.  Not to mention the fact that I have never had a single comment nor inquiry from anyone in regards to them and some of this material has been accessible for a dozen years or more.  Frankly, nobody really even cares that this stuff exist and they certainly aren’t going around laughing at it or making fun of you for being involved in their creation.  If anyone is doing this, why do you even care what they think?  Yes, they’re part of your “resume”, as you say, but hardly anything to be embarrassed about or ashamed of.  They’re part of my resume too and I have the right to include them in the canon of my works and I have the right to identify the nature, means and persons involved in their creation.  For whatever value they have, they at least illuminate a process of development.  You don’t have the right to edit my life nor demand that I excise parts of my past to suit your insecurities.

These works were created to be shared.  We never had any agreement that these were private or secret works.  We always made copies of these to share with friends and relatives.  If any label had offered to release these, we would have jumped at the chance.  So why are they such a source of shame now?  Do you think you sprang out of nowhere with your skills and talents fully formed?  Do you think others expect this of you? Do you think there are works you acknowledge as “legitimate” that others don’t consider silly or dumb or criticize in some way?  Let’s please remember some of the people you’ve worked with and how ruthlessly we’ve ridiculed them over the years.  Yet you’re more proud of what you did with them than what you did with me?  Why am I the source of your shame?  

You claim that I released these in order to exploit your name.  Let me dispel that delusion for you.  In all the 30 years we have been associated, I have never, ever been approached by anyone at any time who said that they discovered my work because of your name.  Not once.  Every person that I know of who has any appreciation of my work has been acquired from my own efforts, not because of you or your name.  So why did I give you credit?  Because you deserved it.  Why did I release these works?  Because I loved the times they were made, I loved the people I shared them with, and I loved the things we created, no matter how silly or primitive.  It was always about LOVE!  The fact that your cynicism and distrust disables your ability to see that is not my problem, it’s yours.  

You also say that my work is not legitimate.  I’m not a “label”.  I’m just a “guy in a living room”.  Apparently “Living Room Project(s)” are not all created equal in your book.  What is it that makes your living room more legitimate than mine?  Because you have more fans?  Do the people who love my work not count because they are few compared to you?  Are we really in a competition over who’s more famous?  I know my works are only appreciated by a few and, believe me, I’ve struggled with the existential questions of whether my efforts mean anything and I have shut myself down more than once because of these doubts.  But for you to sit there and condemn me as illegitimate is the height of hypocrisy and is nothing more than blatant cruelty.   

So you’ve got your wish.  Your name will no longer be associated with mine.  I have removed your credits from my catalogue so you will never again suffer the embarrassment of association with me.  For the time being, I’ve even removed all my collaborative works from online availability because of issues like this.  Not because I don’t have a right to share them, but because I don’t have the financial means to legally defend that right and also to make a point.  Our history isn’t some buffet where you get to pick and choose what parts of it you wish to acknowledge.  It’s all or nothing.  If you don’t want to be part of one aspect, you can’t be part of any others.  So it all comes down.  Those videos you like to play every now and then to remind yourself of the fun we had playing those gigs, they’re part of this history too.  You deny one, you deny it all.  No one gets to enjoy any of it anymore.  If I let you dictate what parts of my history I can share, I have no shared history at all.  I might as well burn it all and obliterate it from the world.

Never forget what your actions mean in regards to our history.  You’ve pissed all over everything I ever did for and with you by dismissing it all as “crap” and by trying to diminish my value as an artist.  My actions were always only ever motivated by the love of what we did and who we were.  You poisoned that.  You shit contempt all over it.  I need to make it very clear to you that there will never be any forgiveness from me for that.  Your name will never be included with mine again.  Your existence will never benefit from my presence again.  

I was a good friend to you.  I gave you a home, I encouraged your creativity, I helped you with money when you were broke, when you were a junkie, I helped you find things to focus on that enabled you to stay clean.  You were a brother to me, but that is all over.  I distanced myself from you over the last few years because I felt like our friendship was a one way street.  I would always invite you to things and try to include you, but that was rarely reciprocated.  When I contributed to your album and you couldn’t even be bothered to invite me to the CD release party, that was the last straw for me in many ways, but this last act of betray is the final nail in the coffin for us.  

This is the last thing you’ll hear from me.  I don’t care what you think about any of this.  You’re made the quality of your character most apparent to me and I have no interest in having people like you in my life.  If I drop dead before you, don’t come to my funeral.  You won’t be welcome.