This is an experiment in alternative marketing strategies.  The trend in music marketing over the course of the past decade (or longer) has been, inexorably, towards greater distribution with lesser financial return for the artist.  The artist already started out in a generally compromised position due to record company and management contracts which left most heavily in debt from advances while delivery minimal returns from sales in comparison to what their managing & manufacturing entities were reaping.  Only a select few of the most populace artists truly benefitted from the sales of their work.  As technology and methods of distribution and reproduction have evolved into the digital realm in the 21st century, the value of recorded music has plummeted to an all time low to such a point that the majority of material available on the market is given away or sold at rates so low that the return for the artist is virtually nonexistent.  

As a counterintuitive strategy and a form of protest against this overall trend, I am releasing the following product as a literal “one off” item.  I am only selling it to one person for a price which I feel is commensurate with the amount of work invested in the piece.  Even at this rate, I think I’m undervaluing myself and the work, but I am limited by the fact that Bandcamp will only allow me to set this value for a single sale.  

This is an idea that I have been considering for several years, ever since the ability to sell digital copies on line became within my grasp.  In a way it’s a bit of a joke on the industry.  But it’s also a serious commentary on the difficulty of surviving as an artist in this environment.  I am barely in a position to afford to feed myself from month to month.  I have innumerable skills and abilities, but I find myself in a world incapable of putting them to any productive use.  So I scape and claw my way through every month hoping I can put together enough spare change to buy a pack of noodles for dinner.  It’s not very glamorous, but I can still dream and this work is the soundtrack to such a dream.  Perhaps this will lead to a new way to create music.  Perhaps it’s time to make it special again and not just something you get for nothing and forget about tomorrow.