Although not as dominant as audio, video has always been a part of Blood 'n' Tongue's creative landscape.  Beginning in 1981 with a high school 8mm film class project and then progressing into the use of 3/4" video in the 80's & 90's and, finally, with the advent of affordable digital video technology in the 21st century, the desire to combine images with sound has been a constant.  The 80's kicked this off in earnest thanks to the support of  VIVO (Video In / Video Out).  This publicly funded, artist run facility provided access to cameras and editing suites at costs far below commercial facilities and also allowed for "work for access" volunteer programs.  Through the 1990's and most of the 2000's, video work dwindled to barely a few productions, but this changed with the acquisition of improved digital video editing tools for home use and access to better digital cameras.  As a result, 2010-2012 saw a radical resurgence in the production of videos.  

All available video materials are currently hosted on YouTube.  You may access the Blood 'n' Tongue TV channel by clicking on the YouTube logo below.

Some audio materials from B'n'T have been used as soundtrack materials by third party producers.  To see a selection of these works, click below.


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